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Mothers on a Mission, Inc. is a 501(c)3 dedicated to providing families or children with a with support and resources as they navigate their way through the Special System. 
Our mission is to address the concerns and needs of the family member with a disability .  We will attend IEP with the parent or guardian, if necessary, to provide support and advocacy.  
We are available for consultations.
We will provide resources.

To Families and Friends,
The Internal Revenue Service has announced a new policy that will exempt parents of adult individuals in the Illinois Home-Based Program from payment of taxes on income the parents receive for providing care.  It's quite a major development. This morning I spoke with The principal author of this notice  Victoria J. Driscoll of the Office of Associate Chief Counsel ( & Accounting). She informed me that the is working on questions and answers regarding this notice and will be posting to their website very soon.The Family Support Network is sharing this information with you for Informational purposes only – we are not tax experts! If you have questions about this new policy, you should consult a lawyer or financial adviser and watch for updates.

I have attached copy of this notice.  Click on the following link to read the notice:
This is a Big Deal! In order to help us to understand what this means – I have reached out to Brian Rubin, a parent of a Special needs adult, a Former IRS Agent and Former IRS Attorney. Please read below Mr. Rubin’s observation of this notice: 

Notice 2014-7, 2014-4 IRB, 01/03/2014, IRC Sec(s). 131

1.   The notice is stating that the IRS is reversing its long standing position on these payments by “stretching” (for lack of a better term) the language in IRS Code Section 131 which relates to “foster care” payments to Medicaid waiver payments. The notice concludes that if the services are provided in the home of the care provider, it doesn’t matter if the care provider is related or not related to the individual.  The notice also stretches to reach the conclusion that the notice would what is commonly referred to as the “agency model” where, as an example; the parent is the care provider.
2.   Be aware that just because the IRS excludes the payments from “federal” Income Tax does not preclude the State from electing to include them, tax them for State Income Tax.  Since the Illinois starts with the Federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), it would have to be “added back”, as other federal not taxable income, but state taxable income, are already done.  I believe this would require Illinois legislation.
3.   If the payments are subject to FICA (Social Security Tax) and/or FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax) was specificallynot addressed in the notice. The notice states: “This notice does not address whether qualified Medicaid payments excluded from income under this notice may be subject to tax under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) or the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) in certain circumstances”. Further, the notice obviously does not address or State Unemployment Tax.
4.   While the notice is “effective” for payments received after January 3, 2014, the notice specifically provides that “taxpayers may apply this notice in taxable years for which the period of limitation on claims for credit or refund under IRS Section 6511 has not expires.”  That is generally three years.
Brian Rubin
Rubin Law, a professional corporation \ Special Needs Legal & Future Planning
President, The Arc of Illinois
Member of the Board of Directors of Pact, Inc. and Clearbrook
Commissioner, State of Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission
Chairman, State of Illinois Autism Task Force
Member of the Board of Directors of the Special Needs Alliance
 \ \ 847.279.7999 \ toll free (867.8246) \ fax 847.279.0090
1110 West Lake Cook Road, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089-1997
Stay tuned – we are following this closely and will keep you updated!



Thank you to everyone
who helped to make this a
wonderful and fun event!

Please enjoy this beautiful video from the day that The City of Berwyn, North Berwyn Park District, Hundreds of Berwyn Citizens and children & Blue Cross/BlueShield of Illinois, Mothers on a Mission, and KaBOOM! and 375 to build a great new place for ALL kids to play!  We accomplished this project in less than 6 hours on October 8th and had our grand opening on October 22nd.  Look what a community accomplished in one day!!!!
Produced by Alkaye Media: (630) 971-8700 -
Did you all see our playground 
highlighted on tonight’s ABC 7 broadcast!?! Just in case, here is the link:  I can’t wait to see our recruitment numbers jump after that spotlight! Thank you to Jeanne Crenshaw and Anne Garza for coming over to be featured in this story too!!
Check out the video from our last KaBOOM! playground build!
Mothers on a Mission, Inc. Participates in Ribbon Cutting at
Office Depot in Berwyn!
Mothers on a Mission, Inc. was honored to be a part of the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new location of Office Depot in Berwyn.  The Office Depot Foundation donated $100.00 and 100 book bags with school supplies to Mothers on a Mission, Inc., YMCA, and Pillars on Thursday, April 28th, 2011.  Our deepest appreciation to the Office Depot Foundation, Office Depot in Berwyn and the Berwyn Development Corporation
6515 Stanley Avenue
Office 2
Berwyn, IL   6040

Music from the Heart from the Country Music Awards. This is well worth seeing!
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